At the Probus Association of Victoria meeting of delegates held on 25th August 2014, delegates were addressed by PSPL Directors Margaret Robinson and Bruce Cameron on the subject of various aspects of insurance available to Probus Clubs through Probus South Pacific Ltd.

Their talk generated a great deal of interest and many questions were asked. Printed information was handed out to delegates in attendance.

Copies of this information is available to all Probus Club officers and to their club members if they access the PSPL website, but this information is not accessible to the world at large.

Probians may access this information in the Club Administration section of the PSPL website with their Probus Membership Card Number as a login and password, the URL of which is

On accessing the relevant PSPL webpage, go to the heading 'club administration' and then 'club insurances' in the drop down menu. Then, using your mouse pointer, go to the 2014/15 Australian National Insurance Summary to read the document.

This is important information and club officers in particular should be conversant with it.

See also page entitled 'Club Insurance Information' also listed under the heading 'Admin Information'.