What a surprise packet Horsham turned out to be.  Initial thoughts of ‘What is there to do there?’  We never stopped – in a couple of ways Event No. 35 went off with a bang!

          A total of seventy-five souls made the extended trek to that fair city in October, 2018 – a representation of thirteen Victorian Probus clubs. There was so much to see and do, the week was just too short a time.

          Weather-wise, not so good.  Strong winds from the start, developing into rain, and to thunder and lightning.  Still, that added to the entertainment!

           Sunday and Monday, pending the arrival cabin-dwellers, were set for exploring the City, the picturesque Botanical Gardens and Wimmera River.

          Tuesday night, long established as the “dine-out” event, saw a total attendance at the Bull and Mouth Hotel, a recommendation of local residents, proved to be a place of good food and friendly service.  Thereafter, a number of members attended a photo night, when our Peter Bellmont, a nationally accredited photographer, took them on a tour of South America, and to the local Wheat Silos.

          Later that night saw a marked deterioration in the weather.  The winds strengthened late evening to the stage caravanners tightened their annexe ropes, shut themselves inside, sat nervously, and prayed!  Then the rains followed, driven by an increase in wind velocity. A relatively sleepless night for the aforesaid dwellers!

          Wednesday, traditional picnic day, dawned again pretty ordinary weather-wise, with light rain and heavy skies.  Some took the chance and enjoyed lunch by the river at Weir Park, a great venue with all facilities available, even swings and slides- those for a later generation or two!  Others took the opportunity to explore some of the wheat silos – a good round trip to Warracknabeal, to Brim, back south to Sheep Hills (two of the nicest art-works), and to Rupanyup, some 170kms round trip.

The silos have received much publicity in recent editions of the “Probian” news.


          Happy hour on Wednesday, as is another established event, we met with members of Horsham Probus Club – a warm welcome to  President Kola Kennedy, Edith Wyatt, Bill, Josey, Catherine, and Graham, a most friendly group.

          But then, the events of Wednesday were not quite over!  Thunder and lightning had a brave few outside watching an unbelievable electronic display. And the thunder, at one time directly overhead, literally shook the ground underfoot.  The more sensible took refuge inside.r

          Thursday, relatively windless with a threatening sky, saw a large contingent of members visit the “Stick Shed”, a very much under-publicised gem located at nearby Murtoa. Built in four months in 1941 to house a bumper crop of wheat, the ‘shed’ almost rivalling Jeff’s Shed in dimensions, held almost 100,000 tonnes of wheat. The 19-metre high gabled roof is supported by 540 mountain ash ‘sticks’ obtained from the Healesville area. Several similar sheds were built, this now being the last remaining one in Australia, and is heritage-listed – a ‘must visit’ for tourists.

          So to Friday – cabin-dwellers set off to return home in lovely, sunny weather, would you know it! The remainder enjoyed the change in weather to catch up on unexplored locations, including nearby Mt. Arapiles, Mitre Rock, Tooan State Park, and the quaint little village of Natimuk.

           Events No. 36 and 37 of 2019 are to Inverloch in February and Healesville in October respectively.  Full details are listed elsewhere in the Probian, and on Probus Victoria website – www.probusvic.com.au.

                                                                                          Ken Heaslip

Greensborough Combined Probus