A message from our major travel sponsor

The Travel Industry has changed – be warned!


Travel Agents are no longer required to be licensed as a direct result of The Travel Compensation Fund that ceased its operations in June 2014.

That means there is no consumer protection in the event of agent failure.

The only way you can have complete piece of mind is to ensure any Travel Company that is taking funds for your travel has a Consumer Protection Policy in place.

So in the event that the Travel Agent goes into liquidation for any reason, your funds are safe and will be refunded.

Trade Travel have protection as a member of ATAS (Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme) who endorse travel companies who have met strict financial and customer service criteria.

We are also protected  and covered as a member of Helloworld’s Consumer Protection Policy.

There have been some awful stories of consumers losing all their money.

As your National Travel sponsor of Probus, you can be safe booking with Trade Travel.