Functions of PAV

Functions, Aims And Objects of The Association

Through the medium of quarterly delegates meetings held in February, May, August and November, representatives from member Clubs may meet and exchange ideas and information.

PAV also periodically publishes guides listing details of possible guest speakers and outings options as recommended by member Clubs. These guides are exclusive to Probus Clubs having current membership of PAV.

PAV also publishes “The Victorian Probian”, a journal in newspaper format, which is supplied only to affiliated Clubs in quantities sufficient for the individual membership of each club. Currently, this journal enjoys a print run in excess of 27,000 copies. The journal includes

•Details of committee news

•Information on PSPL management matters

•Provides a forum for Club news with photos of Club events

•Offers a source of information on outings and travel options

•Allows individual Probians the chance to share personal stories

The Association's website is a more recent development and provides another means of disseminating news about Probus activities, both past and future. You are encouraged to view the webpages frequently so as to keep abreast of the latest happenings, and to make use of contacts on the links page 

Better still - make sure your own Club's URL (web address) is posted by contacting the administrator via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The PAV Constitution is currently under periodic review by the Committee of Management. However, the following Aims and Objectives are still relevant.

As laid down in its Constitution, the Association SHALL:

a.   Provide a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and information, and discussion of matters of mutual interest between member clubs.
b.    Act to assist, coordinate and advise on social activities of Affiliated Clubs.
c.    Confine its activities to the furtherance of these objectives to member clubs only.
d.    Strive to be seen as a worthwhile organization by the local community.
e.    Not be, or be seen to be, a fund raising body. The Association by a majority decision of its voting delegates may engage in corporate projects for social benefit provided that any such activity shall not involve the raising of funds and provided that individual participation in any such project shall be entirely voluntary.
f.    Be non-political and non-sectarian. It shall not endorse any candidate for public office and shall not take corporate action at any meeting with the intention of influencing the policies or decisions of governments; however, the merits of any public question may the subject of fair and intelligent study or discussion at an Association meeting for the information of delegates.
g.    Take steps to prevent the unauthorised use of the Probus name and emblem, in particular, for commercial purposes for which a license royalty is payable.
h.    Recognise that Probus South Pacific Ltd is the delegated authority on matters of policy for Probus, and will work cooperatively with Probus South Pacific Ltd to ensure that this is understood by member clubs.
i.    Recognise the autonomy of member clubs and encourage the understanding of the requirements to follow the guidelines established by Probus South Pacific Ltd.
j.    Only conduct business among its affiliated clubs in the State of Victoria.

The Association SHALL NOT:

k.   Formulate policy, nor seek to influence member clubs on matters of policy concerning Probus affairs and management generally, Probus Centre South Pacific being the delegated authority on matters of policy.
l.   Seek to influence the management of clubs.
m.    Conduct any business outside the Rotary Districts of Victoria.