Croquet - a game for all ages!



Yes - croquet can be enjoyed by the very young through to the very old, and everyone in between, and it is not physically challenging. 

Over a period of around six years, croquet is a sport that has caught the imagination of a few Probus Clubs on the Mornington Peninsula, and we are also aware that there are other Probians that play elsewhere, both in the city and in country locations. A factor in the interest has been the encouragement from Fay O’Toole, our former PAV secretary, who has been an enthusiastic croquet player for some years and is also the current secretary of Frankston Croquet Club.

The Club is situated on the corner of Spring Street and Nolan Lane, Frankston (Melways Ref. page 100A D11) and has its own car park.

This Club’s croquet lawns and clubrooms have now become the base for several Peninsula-based Probus Clubs – notably Bittern Combined, Langwarrin Combined, and Somerville Combined. These Clubs endeavour to meet at least once each month, usually on the 3rd Friday of each month, and occasionally more frequently in the warmer months. Competition is intense but always friendly! 

  • If your club is within easy travel distance of the Frankston Croquet Club, and your committee would like to introduce to your members a sporting activity that, during a game, can involve gentle walking over a flat lawn as well as the mental stimulus of studying tactics then you may like to consider croquet.
  • Your club could be interested in joining the existing Probus clubs on the third Friday of each month, but if this doesn't suit, Mondays and Wednesdays are another possibility. Your members could find a two hour session of croquet a lot of fun. For more information, call Fay O'Toole on 9787 1665 or Jim Frew on 0412 382 007.
  •  Newcomers are asked to wear flat footwear. The club provides croquet mallets and croquet balls. Current green fees are $7.00 per head.

For those interested to find out more about the rules, go to

If your club is based sufficiently far away to make travel to Frankston uneconomic, you could investigate other croquet clubs' availability by going to the website of Croquet Victoria to find a croquet club near you.