Have you recently had a medical test (e.g. blood test, X-Ray, MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound)? Share your experiences in a short online survey:…/explanatory-statement-on…/

The survey is part of a Monash University study on the use of testing in healthcare…/ . We are looking for people who have recently had a medical test OR who have participated in bowel, breast or cervical cancer screening.

We'd love to hear your experiences and views on healthcare testing in Australia -- thanks all! To take part, visit this link [the link to the survey is at the bottom of the page after the study information]:…/explanatory-statement-on…/

I am working on a project at Monash University, which is supported by the Australian Research Council titled “How do expectations shape testing in healthcare? A sociological study”. I hope that the the Probus Association of Victoria may be able to assist us by distributing information about the project and an online survey we are conducting.

The principal aim of the study is to explore the factors that drive expectations for particular tests and for testing in general with a particular emphasis on gaining a better understanding of the social and cultural factors that shape the use of tests. We’re interested in exploring the views of key stakeholders on these issues, especially those who work in clinical practice, policy making, regulation, service provision and patient advocacy as well as healthcare consumers. The project web site provides more detail.
The project is being conducted by Professor Alan Petersen and Dr Kiran Pienaar in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, together with Professor Diana Bowman at Arizona State University. As Research Assistant for the project, I am responsible for managing an online survey which we will use for initial engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.


We would like your organisation’s assistance to distribute the survey to as wide a range of stakeholders as possible. Respondents to the survey can also opt in to an interview process, which we will conduct with selected participants in order to gain views from a range of stakeholder groups. Your organisation could possibly assist by distributing the link to the project web page and survey to your members, advisory groups and contacts. I can also provide printed copies of a flyer with a link to the survey if that will assist.


I hope that you will be willing to assist us with this important project and look forward to your response